2 runs in 3 days

My first two runs were more like jogs.. short ones.  I’m giving myself two weeks — this and next — to just get outside and run/jog.  Not mileage or time goals right now, only the achievement of getting dressed and out the door. 

RUN 1 – Wednesday, April 10th
Cats spotted:  4.  Two gray, two orange.
Mileage & Minutes:  16 minutes jog, 6 minutes walk.

Things of note:  Not a very ambitious start, but I found the beginning of a pleasant route from my apartment, and I saw four cats!

RUN 2- Friday, April 12th
Cats spotted: 1.  White and black, squatting on a porch.
Mileage & Minutes: 18 minutes jog, 2 minutes walk.  6 minutes jog.

Things of note: There is so much wild garlic on the lawns of the homes I pass. It is edible!  I made a delicious potato and wild garlic soup last night.


Wild garlic – though ours isn’t flowering yet. Allium vineale.

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