A different country, a different world? Bangkok

Traveling in India is not for sissies.   In fact, the challenges are what make India so rewarding and completely unpredictable.   There are, however, some things that I have missed.  Like ice and cold food.

A dream come true: Iced Coffee and Avocado Sushi
So when we landed at the glitzy, clean, shiny Bangkok airport, we splurged and ate sushi.  I have said to Brandon that when we get back to the US, one of the first meals that I want to eat is sushi.  I’m sated for a while.

Arriving in Bangkok felt like a vacation from India.  It felt like coming home, to a mix of Vancouver BC & NYC, with an Asian flavor.  We stayed in the super touristy Khao San Rd area, at a cheap guesthouse with an amazing bed that encouraged us to stay for 4 nights.

We ate amazing street food.


Pad Thai and Lime Drink: $1 total
We went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market (no photos) and browsed around.  If I was leaving Thailand tomorrow and didn’t have to carry stuff around, I would have bought a bunch of cool souvenirs.

We checked out the Erawan Shrine, on a busy corner in downtown Bangkok. When prayers are answered, people hire dancers to perform.


Erawan Shrine
We visited the Shrine to the Goddess Tuptim, a fertility goddess.

These are statues of exactly what you think they are.

We visited an exhibit at the Thailand Creative & Design Center called “Spirits: Creativities from Beyond.”  It was free!


One of the many spirits featured
We ate Rambutans!

Rambutan outside

Rambutan inside

We visited a Giant Reclining Buddha.

Those are the Buddha’s feet at the end.
And saw a bunch of statues that reminded me of my father.

Dad, your beard really can grow this long some day
I got a $6 Thai Massage.  Thai Massage is a little different from the Swedish Massage I’ve gotten back home.  It’s a very interactive experience with the therapist.   It’s a combination of pressing and stretching.  The therapist got up on the bed, stood on my feet, twisted me in all sorts of crazy positions.  The strangest one started with me sitting cross-legged.  The therapist sat behind me, put a pillow between us and then she gave me an airplane ride.  Keep in mind, she was a lot smaller than me, and much stronger.

We had 4 wonderful, exciting, budget-busting days in Bangkok.  Time to board the train for a 14 hour ride to Chiang Mai, in the North.  As we waited at the station for our train to depart, I lost a little bit of my love for Bangkok.
After a couple days in Chiang Mai, we are heading just north of the city to an organic farm named Pun Pun that specializes in natural building and seed saving. Not sure if we’ll have internet access out there so the next update might be a while!

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