Barcelona, Part 1: Joie de Vivre

It’s clear that the people here in Barcelona really embrace living.  Hmm.. Count me in!

We are staying here with Seattle friends Julia and Pino (as well as their newborn Ulisse) and lucky for us, they live just a few minutes from the beach.  I love the beach.  Especially the beach here.  One – it’s Europe, so women can go topless.  Two – the vendors here are quite ingenious and walk around selling cold beers and water.  As well as massages and trinkets.   Aaah, the life.  The last couple days I’ve started my day with an hour soaking up the sun.  I could get used to this.

We were here for the weekend and stumbled upon a children’s festival in the park.  What a treat!  So many families out for a day in the park .  No fast food vendors here — all picnics (although the mobile beer vendors may have been out).

More later.  No visit to Barcelona is complete without mention of Gaudi. 

Visiting this city really got me thinking about what I’m seeking out in my future home.  Obviously a beach would be grand.  But more importantly, I’d like to live in a community where the residents care about their community, come together for work, play, and civic discourse, and in general, have a positive outlook on life.

Not too much to ask, right?

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