Barcelona Part 2: Thank you & Gaudi love

Of all the cities Brandon and I have visited so far, Barcelona was our favorite.  This may be because we had wonderful hosts… thank you!

Julia, Pino, and Ulisse.. making us dinner!
We visited the major Gaudi sites but as cheapskates, did not pay the exorbitant prices to get inside.  

La Pedrera. We were tempted to pay to see it all. But there was a lovely view from the gift shop.
I need to look up Gaudi upon my return and read up on the building process.  I love his use of curves, natural light, and mosaics/paintings. 

Now Weebly is acting up and wont let me add photos.  So definitely check on my Flickr (kqom) or click on the link to the right.  I will try again later from a different computer and hope it works!  All the photos from Barcelona, Pisa, and the Cinque Terre are up!

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