Day 3: For Runners…and Spectators


I took a three day break.  I’m not going to be too hard on myself but I need to refrain from two tamale with rice and beans plates from Taqueria Gonzalez on a day I hope to run (Sunday).

Yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon threw me off — I stopped working and all productivity around 4:30.  Boston’s one of the places I call home, and though there’s senseless acts of violence perpetrated regularly around the world, it’s different when it happens at home.  We’re fortunate here in the US that we don’t experience this very often.  I always loved Marathon Monday when I lived in the city — many people have the day off and line the streets with beers and BBQ to cheer on the runners.  I remember beautiful, bright, sunny, warm Marathon Mondays, hanging out on Beacon street, about a mile from the finish.  I remember clearly protesting the IMF and World Bank meetings in DC in 2001, returning late on a Sunday, only to be woken my the sound of F15’s along the marathon route the following morning and asking my roommate if we were at war.  Lots of love to everyone affected yesterday and to the families of those who’ve died.  I hope there is a peaceful solution to this madness.

Today I had no excuse for not running.  I finally felt caught up enough to leave the virtual shackles of my computer, only to find that my iPod was dead.  Now, can’t you live without music for 20 minutes?  Yes, but I don’t want to.  So I waited.

Good news is I jogged 26 minutes without stopping.  1.84 miles, which gives me a pretty slow, near walking pace.  But the point is to improve and just get out and move, so I’m going to say this is a victory for Val!

Cats spotted:  Only one 🙁
Music of the Day:  Loud Pipes by Ratatat

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