I did it.. gave my notice.. it’s official.

Holy crap.  I finally gave my notice at work.  Brandon and I have been planning on traveling for a while, but only now are we in a place where we can leave.  It’s incredibly exciting, anxiety-provoking, and emotionally challenging all at the same time.

I’ve wanted to travel and live overseas since my teens.  In college I had hoped to study abroad but didn’t have the money to survive when I was there (how was I going to feed myself?).  After graduating, I had too much debt and couldn’t find a position overseas other than the typical English teaching gig (I wasn’t interested at the time).  Now I’ve paid off all my bills and have enough saved to travel for a while.  It’s time — no house, no kids, good health (knock on wood). 

More important than the logistical pieces falling in place, I feel like it’s time for me to reconnect with the things in life that feel more authentic.  I was much more “politically” active in Boston and hope be more engaged moving forward.  I miss the sense of community I felt there as well.  Here in Seattle my confidence is stronger and I’ve become more adventurous.  I want to spend more time outdoors, take care of my body, and clear my mind.  Life is too short to wait to do these things.


Brandon and I at Cape Disappointment, WA

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