My new best friend: Dramamine

It finally happened.  We’ve been out of the US for nearly 4 months, 3 of which have been in Asia.  We anticipated tummy problems and being the “doom-ologist” (as Brandon calls me) I imagined vicious fights for the bathroom, and let’s say I was happy to see that every bathroom in India came equipped with a bucket.

None of this happened. 

In fact, we’ve been remarkably healthy so far (knock on wood).  Sure we’ve had minor digestive problems but nothing of concern. 

The real problem with holding down my stomach contents has turned out to be the bus.  And yesterday, I broke my 4 year no-vomiting streak.  On the bus.  Yeah!

Me and windy twisty roads, especially on fancy pants AC buses do not mix.  Brandon does a wonderful job of holding a pressure point on my wrist that helps.  I’ve now resorted to good old fashioned drugs to help me – Dramamine.  I think it works too.

From now on, I’m taking a pill before getting on a bus.  And no matter what anyone tells us, we are taking the cheapest bus available.  The school bus style is best for me — lots of fresh air and it’s closer to the ground.  No weird hydraulics, just good bumpage.

One thought on “My new best friend: Dramamine

  1. Oh no! haha!If it makes you feel any better…I threw up for the 1st time on a boat…about the same time you did! haha! On the Nepali Coast in Kauai…..oh yeah….sea sickness or “bus sickness” is nasty 🙁

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