No more posts until I’m back in the USA

I’ve been planning on posting about our experience in Goa and Aurangabad prior to leaving India, but it’s not going to happen.  Although I have a fantastic connection here in Mumbai, my card reader is acting up again and I’m not in a position to recover everything again.  So it will just have to wait!

In two evenings we will be flying home.  It’s a 20 hour journey to Newark, NJ and then we’ll spend a couple nights with our friends in Hoboken (thanks Tim and Carmela!) before heading to Mass.  Then a quick hello to mom and dad and off to visit Vermont, find a place to live, and catch up with Sue and Vanessa (who are so kindly assisting us in this process). 

I think I can speak for both of us and say that we are ready to go home. We are both looking forward to seeing our families and spending Christmas and New Year’s together.  We’re eager to start our new lives in Vermont and so proud to hear about Bernie Sanders’ fiery speech the other day. 

On the flip side, it will be tough to leave  India.  It’s taken 4+ months but I finally come around to really liking the country.  The adjustment period was a bit longer for me.  We’ll miss the warm weather, the food, the friendly people, and the shocker — the bargaining!!!

More later friends!  From stateside 🙂

One thought on “No more posts until I’m back in the USA

  1. welcome back to the states…here’s hoping your re-entry is smooth and not too shocking. smile. Thank you again for my postcard…loved well, and happy holidaysrachel (bravmann) (in seattle)

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