One Love!

Post 5k pichappy the race is over!

This post is one big shout-out to my 36 donors.  Yup 36 people (and more counting partners) threw down some cash to support me in my run today and in my effort to raise $1,000 for the Vermont Workers’ Center and Migrant Justice.

Thank y’all!!  I raised $1,214 in total!  

“One Love” is the theme of the day.  I ran the Gay 5K this morning, put on by Blue Ridge Pride.  “One Love” people cheered from the sidelines.  Yup, one love that unites people.  Not only in partnership, but ultimately, I believe it’s love that unites us all — humans and all consciousness.  It’s love that motivates me to do my work, and to run and raise money.  And to fight injustice.  If we could transcend the hate and difference, we would see that our earth is abundant and we are more than capable of caring for ourselves and everything on and in this planet.  

Love y’all!  I’m inspired to keep running…

PS – Art is forthcoming.  I’ve done 5 and have 31 more to go.  I’m going in order of donation received, so if you gave more recently, it may be a while.  I do take requests, though I may not honor them 🙂

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