Our Apartment in McLeod Ganj, India

We are staying in McLeod Ganj, India for 1 month.  Here’s a little video of our apartment.

This is East Home Apartments, down the Youngling steps (off Jogibara Rd).

8 thoughts on “Our Apartment in McLeod Ganj, India

  1. WOW! You are going to be SO SPOILED for U.S. rents after that. Really nice place!Two questions: who was McLeod? (not your typical Indian name) and what is “ganj”? We just finished our first CDO interview with one to go in 25 minutes. You know the 2nd person…think CASC personnel. Details to follow…. 🙂 Love you both! DB

  2. How did you find the appt and what is the rent?I love McLeod Ganj so much. Was last there in Nov. 2009.

  3. Donna! I looked in wikipedia for an answer to your question:”McLeod Ganj was named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod, a Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, while the suffix Ganj is common Hindi word for “neighbourhood” [2].[3][4]”I believe that the statue at the entrance to the town is McLeod’s head. I shall look more closely the next time I am in the area.

  4. Hello, We are heading to McGleod Ganj in a month or so. Which apartment did you stay in? Was it on Jogibara Rd? Thanks for any help you can give and have a great rest of your journey,Beth

  5. Hey guys! Great looking place! I just now realized that you had your own blog. I can’t believe how long it took me to figure this out. embarrassing. really beautiful place nonetheless.

  6. hey! Your place is awesome… making me so homesick for India…In response to some people’s questions– A lot of the “hill stations” of India like Dharamshala, Shimla etc were actually retreats for the British colonials during the hot summers– Shimla was actually were they shifted the capital. A lot of hill stations have British influenced architectual styles, Churches, and western style grave yards as well. 🙂

  7. Looks like East Home Apts…I stayed just above there at Katen Lodge and always loved those terraces that no one but the goats ever used!Look ing into staying there when I go back.Safe travels

  8. Hi I am going to McLeodganj in Dec 2012- until May 2013.
    Please give me details of this apartment as I am looking to rent for long terms.
    Thanks a ton

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