Ready, Set, Blast-Off!

Today is the big day.  After a month of driving, visiting friends and family, more driving, more friends and family, we are taking off for Europe!  It’s been such a blessing to have the time to see the people that we love and miss.  A few photo highlights!

Dad and Mom
This is a photo from a fab Portuguese restaurant.  Mom claims she had the best meal there ever (Baked Schrod).  Estoril, Fall River MA.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for putting us up for a week!

Me, Grandma, Grandpa
We visited Grandma and Grandpa.  They’re looking great!

Nephew Freddie
Sadly I didn’t get any great photos of my sister, Katie, her husband Fred, and daughter Sarah.  I did get this really adorable one of Freddie.  There’s also another of the mess he made at dinner.  The kids are adorable and I look forward to seeing them more often when I return.

The Mad Gangstah
We made our way to Boston and visited Maddy.  She’s taken up playing the harp and is more angelic than ever!  Maddy is an inspiration for following her dreams.

No visit to Boston is complete without a trip to Fenway
Vanessa and Scott put us up for the week in Cambridge.  They took us to a Sox game (they won!) .. and Brandon’s favorite part was Sweet Caroline.  I love the energy of the crowd.  Next time we’re sitting in the bleachers so we can have up close views of all the fights.

Drumstick foot fights
We came up with a new game — drumstick fencing with our feet. 

I miss living with my lady friends (Vanessa, me, Sue)
We said goodbye to everyone, ditched the car, and headed to NYC.  Brandon’s friends Tim and Carmela put us up for a few nights.  We walked all over and got an obligatory shot of Times Square.  What a huge military recruiting station (bottom left of photo). 

Times Sq.
Now we venture into unchartered territory (for us).  Next report: from Europe!  It’s hard to believe we’re doing this.. not sure when it will set in. 

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