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One of the greatest obstacles to developing a running habit is my travel schedule.  I made a last minute decision to drive 12+ hours last week to visit Erin and Hannah in New Orleans.  I even packed my running gear. 

Did I run?  Nope.

Oy.  I’ve gotta step this running thing up if I’m actually going to survive a half marathon.  That’s 10.5 more miles than I can run now.  If anyone reads this, what has helped you stay disciplined?  How do you squeeze in runs when you’re in an unfamiliar place?

I’m energized to start up again.  I went out today and plan on heading out tomorrow. 

Miles: 1.85
Time: 25 minutes
Cats spotted: Only one.  With a giant black splotch covering its nose.

Insights:  Being outside, jogging, is good for me.  I enjoy it when I’m out. 

Extra insights:  All that driving and listening to esoteric lectures that Brandon shared with me really drilled in the interconnectedness of all our struggles.  All of my work — five different clients at this point — all the inequity and injustice they are fighting all ties to the same root causes.  Political power and money controlled by a select few.  Manufactured consent — our lives our designed to reinforce this power structure.  We need band aids but we also need to reclaim our lives as our own, our governments as ours, and our humanity as shared. 

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