The Journey Begins


3 days, 38 hours of driving.

After finally shipping all our stuff, packing the car, cleaning the house, and sleeping for a few hours on our living room floor, Brandon and I began our journey east on the morning on 4/20.  The western end of I-90 is beautiful until about Bozeman, MT (with a few exceptions).   And Bozeman is where we got some rest at the TLC Inn, a surprisingly nice motel for $40/night.  Day 2, morning to evening driving took us to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and on Day 3, we managed to roll into our destination, Cincinnati, at midnight.  We were greeted by Brandon’s mom and stepdad, AeroBeds ready for us to collapse onto.  It felt nice to be “home,” even though it’s not officially my home here in Cincy.

We decided to head right to Cincinnati when Brandon got the news last Friday that his father died.  I could write more about this but this isn’t the right forum–but I mention this because of its relevance to our journey.  My love goes out to Brandon and his brothers right now.

The more time and physical distance that passes the more convinced I am that this is the right step for Brandon and I.  It’s good for us as individuals and for our relationship.  For me, this journey is profound because it feels like the first time in my life that I am making major decisions based solely on my desires (or those shared with my partner).  It’s liberating. 


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