The Tale of the Giant Spider

The day started like any other.  Brandon left at 8:30 for his class and I dragged myself out of bed to freshen up and read.  I boiled some water for tea and to my horror saw the largest spider I have ever seen outside of the zoo sitting in our dish rack.

I stepped back.  Slowly.  This thing was huge.  And Brandon wasn’t home to deal with it.  I did what any arachnophobe would do — I set up camp across our apartment and eagerly awaited Brandon’s return.

Luckily the spider stayed in his comfy new home in the dish rack until Brandon returned.  Unlike me, Brandon likes bugs.  He carefully captures them, taking care not to hurt/kill, and escorts them safely outside.  He thought this was going to be a straight-forward removal process.  Not so.

Brandon carefully grabbed the dish rack and walked it and the spider outside of the apartment.  He knocked the rack against the ground a couple times to get the spider out.  I watched from inside the apartment.  Then I made a big mistake.  When Brandon finally managed to get the spider out, I slammed the door.  Then I felt bad that I didn’t give Brandon a chance to come in, so I opened the door.

The damn spider ran right back into the apartment!!

Holy crap.  I jumped on the bed.  This thing scared me.  And now it was crawling around the apartment.  Brandon suggested we get breakfast and deal with it later.  I refused – “we need to deal with this thing now, or else it will have spider babies and then we’ll be infested.”  The “we” part really meant Brandon.  We have our roles in the relationship and he definitely deals with the creepy crawlies. 

I wish I got photos or video.  But I was too scared.  I needed to be 100% on guard in case this thing came running my way.  It ran very fast.  We found it behind the furniture near the door.  After numerous attempts at swatting it and throwing water on it, Brandon managed to sweep it out.  It even made him a little jumpy.

The ridiculous thing is that this spider was big but not nearly as big as other spiders here in India. 


It kind of looked like this (photo from India Mike)

3 thoughts on “The Tale of the Giant Spider

  1. I don’t like them at all. Especially the furry ones.. We had that experience from products packed from Malaysia. Nightmare..

  2. I’m with you, if you take your eye off the bugger, you don’t know where it’ll show up later! Like in your bed, your bathroom, etc… YIKES… that is one big spider! The other thing I do is put a glass over the top and wait for someone more brave than me to scuttle it out the door. Or suck it up with the vacuum cleaner, but that’s sure to kill it.

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