Trip prep update

We’ve been on the road 19 days now… and it feels good.  The family time has been great and much needed.  We both haven’t spent much time with our families in the last few years. 

Saying goodbye to our Seattle family was hard.  That was step 1.  Taking the leap, moving from crazy idea to reality, and then going through with it.  By the time we left Seattle we shipped 54 boxes of stuff to Ohio (half books) and loaded the car with our most important items.  Our travel packs, key books, important documents, computers, sleeping/camping gear, gifts, food, and “unfinished business.”  It cost about $600 to ship everything — through USPS media mail and  (shipping via Greyhound bus).  This was worlds cheaper than renting a U-Haul, our next best option outside of getting rid of everything that couldn’t fit in the car.   Everything appeared to arrive unharmed. 

Despite having grand destinations in mind, Brandon and I didn’t do too much trip planning prior to leaving Seattle.  We’ve spent a lot of time over the last three weeks researching hotels/hostels, buying flights, and putting together detailed instructions for the Europe end of the trip.  I’ve been afraid that if we didn’t have a good plan for Europe it would cost too much.  When we arrive, we’ll find out if planning ahead is actually cheaper than just showing up.  We’ll see.  I’m a little nervous that the volcano eruptions will disturb our plans.

We’re finally looking at India as well.  I’m hoping we will quickly find a place we like and settle down for a couple months. It feels like the pieces will fall into place.


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  1. Hi Val, Nice website – please get rid of my picture – looking forward to seeing you again – hope you are having fun in Boston – nice picture of the beach – Talk with you soon (Say Hi to Branon for me) Love you, Mom

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