Why I have been railing on Dow Chemical lately


Earlier this year, I joined the Coordinating Committee of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal – North America.  We’re an all volunteer group, committed to raising awareness, taking action, and supporting the work of the survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the disaster.  Our big project right now is to consolidate six websites and 10+ years of information into one comprehensive website.  But this is too much for our little group to take on ourselves.  We are already so busy with other tasks (e.g. I spent hours this weekend importing data and cleaning up the database).

So this summer I am switching things up and am asking my friends and family to support our fundraising campaign, so we can hire somebody to help us finish this project.

Why Bhopal?  Why this cause? Why care after 30 years?

1) No business should be able to get away with killing 20,000+ people and causing multiple generations of birth defects. The value of a life is not $500 (without consultation from victims’ families). The gas disaster demonstrates what happens when corporations lack regulations and enforcement and it shows how they can evade justice.  Dow Chemical bought Union Carbide company in the early 2000s, and in turn inherited their liabilities.

2) Organizing and international pressure have led to gains.  It took many years, but now Bhopalis have clean water. Unfortunately, the factory is still there and polluting the land.

3) Survivors have created their own school and health clinic, taking matters into their own hands. It’s inspiring and more people need to hear this story.

4) We need to hold corporations and governments accountable. Everywhere. Our land and lives are precious and priceless. They should never be treated as a business loss or risk.

I hope you can make a donation to support this effort. It’s something I’m personally invested in and giving my to.

DONATE HERE: igg.me/at/bhopalweb

Thank you!!  I love you!  xoxoxoxo

PS – When I was in India, I did not go to Bhopal. Next trip!!

One thought on “Why I have been railing on Dow Chemical lately

  1. I certainly can relate to the survivors of Bhopal. My son, Gerald Hamilton, was killed at Dow Cheemical from Chlorine gas. Gerald was 36 years old. He was a very smart young man. He had been given a award at Dow, before his accident. The days before he died, he had shared the danger of the unit that he was placed in. He was uncomfortable working with a guy that had been there for many years. He told me that he knew that he did not have his back. This was important, because Dow ran this dangerous unit with only two men. The day crew left a young man that had never done a job of closing down the line on Chlorine gas. His coworker sent him out to do the job, with a breather mask and a bottle of fresh air. The experienced worker should have helped him put on a full suit. One man would be in the suit and the other man watching the machine. His coworker sat inside the control room and did not check on Gerald. It was 7:00p.m, there was very little light. He had to climb up on a platform that was three feet wide. The valve that was being removed, was reported ten years ago, that the trim was in backwards. All of a sudden, they decided to remove it. When the valve said open, it was closed. Gerald had followed procedures to block in the valve. His coworker told me at the hospital that Gerald had blocked it in. Later he changed his story. The valve was opened when Gerald tried to bleed it. All of a sudden one hundred thirty pounds of pressure of Chlorine gas spewed into the face of my son. The amount of gas caused the alarms to go off blocks away. Later, Dow would say that it was a small amount. The pressure of tha gas, knocked off my son’s respirator. He remained there trying to stop it. He then had to run into the control room to get help from his coworker. OF COURSE HE PUT ON THE FULL SUIT. As you know, when a person inhales chlorine gas, they need treatment immediately. In the Dow handbook, it is manditory. My son was allowed to continue to work. He did not realize what had just happened. He continued to work at the console while coughing and grasping for air. His supervisor called and spoke to Gerald. He new how bad Gerald sounded, but did not call for help to send him to the hospital. Gerald stayed at work until he got off that morning. No one called for help as he turned purple. Even the guys that relieved him that morning let him drive away. The tape at the gate showed him weaving. The coworker that allowed him to get hurt. Had him follow him to his home, about a block away. Gerald could not get comfortable in a chair. His coworker went outside to snake. Gerald tried to lay on the bed. He died there. He was revived at the house then died three more times after being revived at the hospital. Dow would not take the blame, of course. OSHA FINED DOW, but Dow did its own investigation. They had pulled the valve themselves, before OSHA arrived. They said Gerald was 20% at fault. Dow is NEVER AT FAULT. THEY HAVE TOO MANY LAWYERS AND LOBBYIST.

    GERALD’s two young daughters do not have a Dad to watch them grow up to be adults, he has missed so many special events and will not be there to walk them down the isle. I will never see my son again. It has changed our lives forever. DIRTY, DIRTY DOW,

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