winding down, but still working

The weekends are now filled with errand-running and packing.  B. and I decided to pack as much as we can as early as possible, so we can assess how much we can fit in the car vs. ship.  We’re also selling/giving away all of our furniture so if you’re in the market for something, let me know.  I welcome the minimizing–cleaning house every few years is refreshing.

I spent the morning/early afternoon at the Senior Services Board of Directors retreat.  Typically I’ve approached these as a necessary part of my job but a real dent in my weekend.  Today was surprisingly high energy and exciting — certainly not a waste of my day.  As I’m winding down and saying goodbyes to everyone at work, I realize how much I like the Board and will miss them as well. 

One of the many lessons I’ve learned (ha) is to always embrace a locale and the people there as if I’m going to stay.  I never really felt like I was going to stay in Seattle and hence didn’t put as much effort as I should have to make friends and connect with people.  As I look back at how I could have done my job better I realize that I would have been happier if I spent more of my time building relationships, instead of caving to my inner introvert.  oh well.  Yet it’s those relationships that make me feel more connected and content– something I felt today.

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